A Dreamland Chronicles Game Review

A Dreamland Chronicles Game

A Dreamland Chronicles Game is a unique take on the trivia genre. There is no real gameplay involved in this app so unfortunately the review will not be all that large. The app itself is based on a comic book series called The Dreamland Chronicles. You follow the hero in the comic as he discusses his dreams and then have the opportunity to answer some trivia questions based on the story

The graphics in this app are simply superb. You read the comic and are able to move from page to page and close up to far away with the push of a button. The comic itself is a very good read.

The sound in this game is not really worth mentioning. There is music in the background but when you are reading the comic, you pretty much ignore it.

All told, I think that this is the first app that I’ve enjoyed. Nothing like reading a comic on the tv screen without worrying about losing it. A very good effort on the part of the developer and I recommend it to everyone out there.

Rating: out of 5

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