Aah Little Atlantis Review

aah little atlantis

Aah Little Atlantis. Aah, how will I ever get that time that I put into this game back. In Aah Little Atlantis you are responsible not only for sinking the island of Atlantis but, because you feel sorry for them, saving the poor Atlantean souls so they don’t die. You do this by both flooding the island and dropping meteors that can’t be flooded. This is done in turns. First you flood, then you drop a rock then they move so it would be good to figure out how to herd them to the rocks as you go.

The graphics in this game are state of the art… for 1981. 8-bit all the way. They are, in effect, fairly childish. But perhaps that is what the developer was looking to do here.

The sound is alright. The music is actually pretty catchy for an 8-bit sound type.

Altogether, this game would be more interesting for children. Probably in the age range of 4-6. Unfortunately although I do love strategy type games, this is not one of the types that I like. Definitely not a keeper here. Although it is a good price for the game itself, it is not a game worth playing for anyone older than 7. Can’t recommend this one to anyone and only 1 thumbs up from me.


Rating: out of 5

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