Aardvark Review


Aardvark is a take on the classic brick-out games of yesteryear. The developer, who is apparently – idiot (love the name), has done a good job on the game. It’s not so much a revamp of a timeless classic as it is a re-imagining of the game.

The gameplay is the same as it always was. For those who have never played the game before, the controls are easy. Use the left joystick to move back and forth, the left and right triggers to warp and the A button to fire. The object of the game is to knock the ball into the bricks to destroy them. There is even a 2 player co-op for those that may be into it. And for those who may be worried about losing their place, don’t. The game will automatically save your spot for you when you feel the need to put the controller down.

The graphics are pretty standard for a game of this genre. You have your bicks, your ball and your platform. You don’t really need much else. Unfortunately, there’s not much else to say about the graphics. Of course, there is the start page but again, it’s just a drawing.

The sound is where the developer really shines. Idiot though he may think he is (;)), he did some really good work with the sound. In the original game and others that I have played, you see the upgrades coming down only to have to try and guess what it was that happened. Here, you catch the drop and it tells you what it was for. I think that this was a great feature and kudos to him for thinking of it.

One final feature that is provided with Aardvark is the level editor. Now, to tell the truth I’ve never been particularly fond of level editors for games. I just like playing them, I guess. I did give this one a go though. Although you can put the bricks where you like on the screen, there really is no description as to what the bricks are. Do they break easy? Do they not? You pretty much have to rely on what you know from the gameplay itself. Others who like to use level editors may get more from this than I did.

Over-all, I think that this is a great game. A nice throwback to the old time games of the 80’s, yes. But definitely one to give a go. I recommend this one to others. Go out, or stay in, and buy this game. At only 240 MS Points it is a game worth playing.

Rating: out of 5

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