Abaddon Review


If I was to explain Abaddon in a word, it would be “WOW!”. In my opinion, of all the Xbox Live Indie Games I have played, this has to be one of the best. Though they are quite different, Abaddon does for some reason remind me of the Solar Winds games of the 90′s.

Abaddon is a top down space based shooter, which pits you against endless hordes of enemy craft in three different game modes, including survival, intercept and assault.

The gist of the game is that you are a clone fighter pilot (Clone 917) on the base ship Abaddon and it’s your job to protect it from the endless stream of enemy ships. Abaddon combines tower defense with intense face paced shooter action.

By collecting green matter which is left behind after destroying the enemy craft, you are able to purchase from four different upgradable ships and equip them with various weapons and abilities.

You also have to use this green matter to pay for upgrades to Abaddons weapons and repair if necessary, but beware of repairing Abaddon too soon as each time you do, the cost increases.

One really cool thing I noticed was that on the larger ships, which come with turrets, you are able to have someone else control them with another controller. Can’t say that I got a chance to try this though. Within the game you are able to collect power orbs which give you additional powers, such as extra energy or shields. There is also the option to combine these orbs to produce more powerful orbs.

The multiplayer mode on Live is really cool, but I was disappointed to find only one game in progress with just a solitary player. However, the survival game we played was great fun, with us managing to last just under 15 minutes.

Everything about Abaddon has been extremely well done, the graphics, music, everything. I have absolutely no problem in rating this one

If space shooters are your sort of thing, do yourself a favour and at least download the demo and give it a go. I’d be surprised if you aren’t impressed.

Rating: out of 5

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