Abduction Action Review

Abduction Action!

In 2010, Aliens will invade Earth… and you are one of them!!! Or so the tag-line goes for this little gem from Kris Steele. In the game, you are an alien who’s only desire is to pilot your own ship and prove your worth. Unfortunately, your test scores aren’t good enough to get into the military. Fortunately, your sister married the general and since he has to make her happy has given you your own ship. The rest is history.

You spend your time piloting around the planet terrorizing the locals and abducting cows, chickens etc all while killing the earthlings. Between missions, you are given more bits to the story and honestly the developer could be a comic writer if he wanted to. Some of the stuff is hilarious.

The graphics in the game are excellent. Good old fashioned side scrolling stuff from yesteryear. But that’s what makes this game great.

Sound is very good as well. From the explosions right down to the humans complaining as you pick them up in your tractor beam and drop them to their deaths.

This game is, of course, reminiscent of past games of this type. However, this one is by far more fun than most. Overall, I will have to give this one a good rating and recommend it to all who dream of being an alien and abducting cattle for weird experiments. But remember, it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye so be careful where you stick that probe.

Rating: out of 5

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