Ace Gals Tennis Review

Ace Gals Tennis

Unless I’m mistaken, Ace Gals Tennis is the first tennis game to hit XBLIG and has added to one of the more under represented genres of sports. Now I’ve never been much of a fan of tennis – I always have a good moan at Wimbledon time as there seems to be nothing else on TV or in the news (not quite, but it feels like that), but I have always enjoyed playing tennis video games.

Given my initial expectations, of Ace Gals Tennis, it neither disappointed nor impressed me, but however it still was a fair bit of fun.

The controls are simple LS to aim your shot and A to hit it (your avatar moves automatically), but getting the timing right is also key and it goes without saying that the better your timing of hitting the shot, the better the shots accuracy and speed, but for me that was the easier part – the aiming is what I couldn’t get right! I kept hitting it out all the time, but eventually practice prevailed and I started to win some matches. However more than once that saw me screaming “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!” at the screen as I was convinced that the decision was incorrect.

The game’s audio isn’t anything special, but the graphics have been well done and the game looks nicely polished, with the exception of the crowd, which just seems to sit there, even when I was playing my butt off!!! From certain angles you are able to see that they appear to be lifeless cardboard cut-out’s.

The options available to you in the game besides from the three difficulty levels are the choice of what appears to be sand, clay or grass courts. Additionally, you have a choice of eight trainers (some more scantily clad than others) from which to choose (two of which you must unlock) all with their own attributes, but I was unable to notice any difference to the game, based on each trainer. The game can be played either in quick match mode or career mode, which sees you take on the other trainers in tournaments in different courts & countries.

To summarise, Ace Gals Tennis isn’t a bad tennis game, but it isn’t a great one either, but at only 80MSP, it is a good deal and certainly worth a try, however it did start to get a bit too much of the same old thing after a while, but that’s just me…..

Rating: out of 5

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