Aceball Review


Ah Pong… I mean Aceball. Well, actually Aceball is a throwback to the predated days of video games. By predated, I mean Pong. This is a relatively decent update of the game for the most part. The only control you need to worry about is the left joystick to move up and down with. The object of the game is to hit the ball back at your opponent. Good luck in this as if the ball takes an odd bounce it can be difficult to get to in time.

The graphics on the game are pretty good for this style of game. You have the basics. A ball, the bar and the goal. Then there’s the extras. You will have character faces pop in or walls between the two sides that will hamper the ball getting through. Good luck on this as the character faces will cause the ball to take that odd bounce we talked about earlier.

The sound here is not too bad either. It’s some nice music but not all that memorable once the game is over. The sounds of the ball and small explosions are nice and crisp though.

A nice twist to this game is the fact that you have the option of 2 player co-op (if you find the computer opponent too difficult) and up to 4 player multiplayer option. Just make sure your partner doesn’t accidentally become your opponent.

Over all, this is a nice game that pays homage to the original and is worth playing. My only problems with the game itself is that in my opinion, the bar moves a little too slowly and the game can get boring fairly quickly due to repetitiveness. If you get an opportunity to play this game by all means give it a try as it is a decent enough game for the cost.

Rating: out of 5

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