Adventurer Pets HD

Adventurer Pets HD is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice,

Adventurer Pets HD

Adventurer Pets HD has three game modes, including versus which pits between one and four players against each other to compete for the highest score – this is local multiplayer only. Time Attack Mode is all about following the arrows from treasure to treasure in as little time as possible. In Adventure mode, which is single player only, you advance from level to level collecting the prices of the map.

Basically the story line in Adventure mode is about Adventurer Pet’s in search of a famed lost treasure of a notorious rogue and gambler called Johnny Five Aces. The location of the treasure is split across six treasure maps and it is the objective to unite them all and find the lost treasure.

Adventurer Pets HD is a platformer with all the usual expected things – jump over that, climb up this, avoid that, collect powerup etc etc.

You can choose from one of the following characters to play:
Morgie the Cat
Poppie the Dog
Bouncer the Rabbit
Cortez the Lizard

The graphics and artwork have been well done and I cannot in fault them, but from a personal point of view I found the character movement a bit slow and irritating. Overall I found the whole thing rather boring, but then that’s just my opinion.

Rating: out of 5

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