Along Came A Spider Review

Along Came A Spider

It’s a spider… man!!! Along Came A Spider is a fun little game where you are a spider who’s only job seems to be jumping from spot to spot, catching the flies and scaring people. At the start, you are able to jump but as you go along and beat the bosses you earn other abilities such as spinning webs and attaching them to things, etc. The controls are fairly simple. Use the joystick to move and you are show the buttons for the other abilities as you earn them.

The graphics here are pretty good even if there isn’t too much to them. Your spider moves around like it doesn’t really have a bone in its body, but that’s the cute thing about it. When it dies, it is respawned. But you only respawn one time for every leg on the spider and one falls off every time you die. But not to worry, because when you get to a checkpoint you get all your legs back. The boss is someone’s hand holding something to kill you with. Try to scare the boss enough to get to the end of the level. Sound easy? Think again.

The graphics here are also very good. From the music to the scream of horror that comes from the bosses when they see the spider. I would like to know where they got the scream from. Did the developers scare their mother/wife/girlfriend and record it?

All in all, I would say that this game is well worth the points you pay for it. Not only is it a game good for all ages but it makes for great cat tv as is noted by me trying to see past my cat as it batted at the spider. Get the game, play it, have fun.

Rating: out of 5

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