Artoon is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice,


Artoon features a bouncy ball type dude with eyes and massive eyebrows! His name is Art and it’s his mission to paint colour into the world. He does this by jumping on a series of blocks to colour them, simple as that, except you have to watch out, as the said blocks seem to be hovering high up and you don’t want to fall over the edge. Once a required minimum of the blocks are coloured, the exit from the level becomes active and Art can complete the level.

Though it may sound to be a bit boring I found Artoon fairly entertaining and it seemed to take me a while to get into until I discovered that the trick to landing on a block, rather than falling to your death was to keep an eye on your shadow.

There are many levels which are all created in a different style and therefore provide the player with loads of variety, as well as various awards available.

So if you’ve got 400ng around in your account this might be just what you are looking for.

Rating: out of 5

Download Link: