Avatar Aquarium Review

Avatar Aquarium

Well, so far I have not been at all impressed with applications for the 360 and Avatar Aquarium is no exception. In this app, you have an aquarium that is filled with avatars of your friends. You can drain the aquarium, feed them and even go fishing for them. My biggest problem is that it was really boring.

The graphics are good in the game. I mean you can’t really go wrong with a pic of the background of an aquarium and the avatars are already taken care of by MS.

The sound is good as well. It captures the bubbling sound from an aquarium quite nicely.

As I said earlier though, my biggest problem was that it was boring. The avatars all grouped up in the centre of the screen and stayed there unless you were feeding them. Even draining the tank didn’t do much. They all just flopped around in a pile. I even tried leaving it on for my kids or cat to try and interact with but even they weren’t interested. Maybe in future attempts the developers might try to program a few more actions into the avatars.

Rating: out of 5

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