Avatar Hunter Review

Avatar Hunter

The evil Teddy has kidnapped the avatar twins from the xbox universe and it’s up to you to save them. This little gem plays like the memory games we used to play as kids. You know, with a deck of cards? Before consoles and video games? What? You don’t? Wow, I must be dating myself then. The object of the game is to flip the ever increasing number of cards to find and reunite the avatar twins together. Sounds simple, right? How good is your memory?

The graphics in the game are quite well done. You have to raise the blackboards in order to find the twins. With each pair of twins found you get some magic stars appearing.

The sound is very good in the game but I found myself not concentrating too much on the sound as it was hard enough remembering where the twins were.

Overall, this is a very well put-together game. It is great for young and old alike as you will work on your memory skills while you play. My only problem with the game itself is that as you get more choices on the screen the avatars are smaller and it gets harder to tell which are twins and which are not. Still, I will recommend this one highly to you all and rate it at four thumbs up.


Rating: out of 5

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