Avatar Karate Review

avatar karate

Avatar Karate is a fairly straightforward and fun game, so this review is most likely going to be quite short.

As the name might suggest, the game is about Avatars doing Karate, but to be honest, Karate is probably the wrong word as from what I recall, in Karate points are awarded for a successful hit and then you reset to your starting positions, but hey maybe my style is just some dodgy Southern African style Karate??? I’m sure Kelly will correct me if I’m wrong as if memory serves, he does a fair bit of Karate.

Anways, I wasn’t actually intending to be slating the game, so I had better get back to the actual review…

Avatar Karate has both single player and multiplayer across local, Live and system link. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given the chance to try the multiplayer as there appeared to be no available online games every time I tried.

In the single player, you fight through each of the 20 increasingly difficult celebrity look alike avatar opponents such Hairy Hothead and Mike El Jack Sun in order to unlock the next. Additionally have a choice of four different fight sceneries, three of which need to be unlocked.

I found the graphics and audio to be fairly faultless and the controls too were pretty good, except that I found there seemed to be a bit unresponsive at times, but maybe that was just me…..

One really cool thing about Avatar Karate is the inclusion of “anaglyph stereo” or 3D to us mere mortals. This add just that little bit extra to the game, which unfortunately is mostly wasted on me as I tend to suffer from headaches when I don a pair of 3D glasses… Maybe because I have to remove my own glass, maybe because my 3D glasses are a really cheap pair from the 2009 Guinness World Records – Who knows??? However for those of you who like 3D games, why not check it out?

To surmise, I felt Avatar Karate was a great bit of fun – simple and entertaining and have no hesitation in rating it a

Rating: out of 5

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