Avatar Pinball Review

avatar pinball

Aaah, the wonderful days of yesteryear when pinball was all the rage. Well, it can be again with the help of a wonderful new game called Avatar Pinball. This game can not only bring you the classic joys of pinball but takes it to a whole new level by making you the ball. There’s nothing better than watching your avatar get shot across the table like a ragdoll with a stupid grin on its face.

The graphics here are really very good if not a little distracting. You have the pinball table that the avatar must travel around. There’s a backdrop if you want to watch the scenery. The most distracting thing though is the big tv screen in the background. It shows a close-up of your avatar flopping around the table. You’ll be so busy laughing that it’s hard to keep the avatar from dropping down the hole.

The music is really good as well. It actually reminds me of a magician I saw once on the comedy channel. Sound effects are A1 here too.

The developer really put a lot of work into this game and it shows. This one is definitely a must have for all video game enthusiasts and should really win an award for making such a fun game. Honestly, I really couldn’t find one bad thing to say about this game. What’s that? There should be something bad about it? Alright, we need more tables and perhaps an online leaderboard would really add that extra something. Other than that, 5 thumbs up from me and a definite must buy for everyone.


Rating: out of 5

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