Avatar Racedrome Review

avatar racedrome

Hey, another racing game. Great. Avatar Racedrome has a lot to offer in the graphics department but unfortunately not much else. This game is a really good concept but still needs a lot of polish in order to compete with some of the other games on the indie market right now. The game itself offers 16 different tracks with 1 – 2 players locally and 2 – 8 players either via system link or xbox live although I must say I did have some trouble getting on to the xbox live tracks. On my first attempt, I got booted from the game and when I got back in I couldn’t get into any of the games at all. Possibly an option to at least watch other racers might be an idea for a future update.

Graphically, this game has got it. Lots of detail in the tracks and the cars and avatars. It is a very nice game to look at.

Soundwise, we have a hit here as well. Nice sounds and nice catchy music.

My problem with the game, however, remains what I mentioned at the start of this post. Twitchy online play coupled with very difficult controls for the cars made this one game that I would really recommend avoiding. My apologies to the developers in this one but I have played racing games where the cars were difficult to control but you had a feeling of weight when you driving. Here you don’t have any feeling other than you are holding a controller in your hands. Overall, this one is getting only 1 thumbs up from me.


Rating: out of 5

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