AvatarFever: Capture the Spice release on XBLIG

“AvatarFever: Capture the Spice” is the second title from Ninja Fever, a young video games development studio.

The game features avatars, funny and competitive “capture the flag” gameplay, global highscores and multiplayer on-line matches for up to 4 players. You will enjoy the four freshest places in the world (Denali, Fiji, Matterhorn and Cyprus) in fast-paced challenges versus your friends and the world’s best online players. Be the first to have all the match points and reach the glory of the Hall of Freshness!

“AvatarFever: Capture the Spice” is available on the XBox 360 for only 80 MSP ($1) in 10 countries. Moreover, you can see the game’s trailer and a gameplay video in Youtube and play the demo for free from the XBox LIVE Marketplace, in the Indie Games section.

About Ninja Fever.

Ninja Fever is a fresh independent games development studio, born in September 2009 from the minds of three young entrepeneurs with a multidisciplinary professional background. Their goal is to develop innovative and funny games for the new online video game platforms.

Rating: out of 5

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