AvatarFever Capture the Spice Review

avatarfever: capture the spice

AvatarFever is a top down capture the flag type game. The only difference is instead of a flag you have a can of Old Spice ® that you are trying to capture. You have a choice of 4 different areas to play on with 2-4 players either locally, by system link or with live.

The graphics here are pretty decent. You can at least see the heads of the avatars as they run of if you happen to knock one down with a rock or coconut or whatever it is, then you can see your avatar laying prone on the ground. There are also birds and hang-gliders going by.

The music is good if not a little repetitive and eventually stepping into the territory of annoying.

The basic gist of the game as I said earlier is to be the one to capture the can of Old Spice ®. That’s it. The maps are small and difficult to navigate due to the trees and rocks that populate the area. Because of these obstructions, it is also very difficult to clobber your opponent if he even has a small lead on you. It would have been nice if there were other hazards to contend with in the game such as getting picked up by the birds or hang-gliders etc. The only good thing, I found, about the game was that you had other avatars from your friends list congratulating you if you won.

In my opinion, I would not recommend this game. Although I’m sure the developer did put a significant amount of work into it, it just didn’t have the pull to play it more than a couple of times. The game gets pretty boring very fast. I am giving this one only 1 thumbs up.


Rating: out of 5

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