Awesome Tank

Awesome Tank is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice,

Awesome Tank

Now this is one game that I have been excited to try for a while and as far as I’m concerned it didn’t disappoint.

Awesome Tank is a 3D game that has you taking control of a lone tank. The theatre of war takes place in various mazes in which you must either destroy all the enemy tanks or collect all the green pellets to win the level. You are also able to get through parts of the maze by repeatedly shooting a wall to destroy it.

Awesome Tank can be played using three different camera view, either Bird’s Eye, Close Up or Turning (kinda like a following action camera that rotates around the scene). It also includes what the game calls Destructo-Cam Replay Mode, which replays moments the moments when a tank is destroyed by providing a close-up replay view of the scene.

You are able to collect various power-ups to aid you in your mission, such as Bullet Speed Boost, which increases the velocity of your shells, Speed Boost which obviously boost the speed at which your tank moves and Extra Ammo, which allows you to fire more than one shell at a time. For some reason Awesome Tank kinda reminded me of Pac-Man – not too sure why, it just must have been the whole collect the pellets and avoid the enemies scenario, except in this game the enemies fire back! The game also has an optional Minimap, which I found quite useful whilst using the Close Up camera.

Awesome Tank also features global scoreboards and allows for both local and Live multiplayer games. There are also various awardments (similar to achievements, but they don’t add to your gamerscore) available for you to aim towards.

All in all, I found Awesome Tank was great game to play and had a high addiction factor!

Rating: out of 5

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