Beat Hazard Review

Beat Hazard

Firstly, it has to be said that if you suffer from photo sensitive seizures, stay away from this game!

Beat Hazard looks to be a build onto Cold Beams first release the Visualizer as at a quick glance at The Visualizer; it looks like Beat Hazard is the same and more.

The more is what changes it from an app into an actual game. Exactly what that more is, is a dual stick space shooter, in which you obviously have to defeat waves of space craft an big olde asteroids. Hang on, I take that back, it is and extremely bright and colourful dual stick space shooter. As one would expect there are powerups to increase your score multiplier, increase the music volume and of course increase the strength of your weapons.

What’s unique is that the gameplay is randomly generated based on the music playing! Don’t worry if you don’t have a music collection though, as Beat Hazard comes with ten tracks to get you started. Music can be played from either your Xbox or streamed from your PC.

Should you wish help in your quest to defeat your music, then there is always the local two player co-op mode.

Stats stored for each track are your score and the percentage of the track that you completed. Additionally the same information is amalgamated for each album. Also the more points you get, the closer you get to your next rank and as always, with rank comes privileges.

Apparently, you can also unleash the deadly Beat Hazard weapon, which again needless to say I was too busy getting my butt kick to get a chance to do!

Beat Hazard also has what it calls Challenges, but looks more like Awardments, needless to say, I didn’t get any.

I did enjoy playing Beat Hazard, but I found that all the flashing got a bit much after a while (though the visuals are great). So I’m giving it a


Rating: out of 5

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