Breath of Death VII Review

Breath of Death VII

Breath of Death VII is a retro style RPG, which takes place in 20xx, after the end of the world, when the undead have created a new civilisation. You play the role of Dem, the silent protagonist skeleton, who starts the game in the den of a vile band of trolls who he must defeat, but fear not being thrown into battle this soon as these trolls are easy to dispatch and you are able to head back to Palad-Lennus for a spot of shopping and recruiting.

It is not long into the game before you end up with the first member of your party, Sara, the ghost who forces her way onto your team. The game comes packed with loads of humour (live other previous Zeboyd games), which starts very early on in the game thereby give the game a great comic feel.

The combat in Breath of Death VII is pretty much as you would expect in a game of its genre. As well as the standard attack methods, each character has both technical skills and magic spells, which can be combined with those of another character via the Unite option to enable you to deal a great deal of damage to an attacking enemy. One thing that I found totally different to other RPG’s that I have played is that your HP is automatically restored to full at the end of the combat, you do however need to keep an eye on your MP as this is not restored after a fight. As the combat round increase, so does the strength of your enemies, making them more powerful each round. In your favour, you have the combo multiplier which increments when you attack and is used when calculating the effect of spells or skills – however, certain skills/spells will break the multiplier and set it back to zero.

As you move from town to town and dungeon to dungeon, you’ll gradually level up your party, which is a straightforward process of choosing between two choices of in which direction you wish to level up your character, such as physical attributes or magical attributes. Via this method, you are also give the option to learn and powerup new spells. This keeps the whole levelling up procedure nice and simple and obviously takes a lot less time that if you had to adjust the core stats themselves.

Priced at 80MSP, I would highly recommend Breath of Death VII. It’s a great little RPG, which much reminds me of one of my old favourites, Ultima IV. If you are a big RPG fan, definitely pick this up, but if not, it most certainly is still worth checking out for the comedy factor.

Rating: out of 5

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