Brethren of the Coast Review

Brethren of the Coast

Avast me timbers me hearties, tis time for a pirate game. Brethren of the coast is a unique game that pits you as either pirates or merchants against one another. With a unique style of play, this game is certainly something different. Steer your ship around islands and archipelagos to find and battle your enemies.

The graphics on the game are excellent. You can zoom in for a closer look or out for a more detailed view of your area.

The sound is low as far as the music goes but you can hear the cannon fire as your ship does battle with the enemy.

Couple this with a great tutorial which explains quite a bit and you could have an A-1 game on your hands. However, there is one major flaw with this game itself. It’s boring! The maps in some cases are too large and can take a couple of minutes to get to your target. What do you do here? Wait and every once in a while steer the ship. Then, when you finally do see some action, you don’t even get to fire the cannons yourself. The computers AI system takes over that for you. Your ship has some blue colouring on either side to show the attack area and when the enemy ship passes through it, it automatically fires for you. Where’s the excitement of doing it yourself?

Overall, I would have to give this game a much poorer rating than I would like to. Only 3 thumbs up and that is for the detail the developer put into this game. For future incarnations I would hope that the developer would consider letting the player do the attacking.


Rating: out of 5

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