Bumblicity Review


Bumblicity is a unique take on word games. In this game, your group of bumble bees must spell the most words in the time allotted. This task is made harder by the fact that you are sometimes given junk tiles or bombs that must be disposed of. You also get chances to earn bonus points for your words as well.

The graphics here are quite well done. The bees carry the tiles across the screen for you to place and create your words either horizontally or vertically. There is also a scorekeeper in the middle of the screen so you can see what you have earned so far.

The music, I found, was very low. However this was made up by the other sounds. Such as the tiles dropping and the tone when you create a word.

This game can be played either against the computer or against an opponent and is a great game for all ages. From children just learning to spell to adults who may or may not be into games such as Scrabble or Boggle. The only thing that would make this game better would be the option for online play against another opponent. This one rates 4 thumbs up from me.


Rating: out of 5

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