Canno-Blast Review


Canno-Blast… When I first saw the name I wasn’t too sure what to make of it, but then on loading it up I instantly recognised it from a video that I had seen on XboxHornet’s Video Vault. Something else that hit me when the game started up was the music, which in my opinion is great.

Firstly, it was quite hard to figure out exactly what was going on and put it into words as Canno-Blast is a fast game, but here’s my best shot:
The game is playable by up to four local players, with any unoccupied cannons being controlled by AI.

The premise is that each player has a cannon which is sticking out from one side of the field of play (the shape of which is changeable) and you have to ensure that you keep a spiky bouncing ball, which looks much like a conker away from your cannon, otherwise it will damage and eventually knock you out of the game when you run out of health.

Each cannon is a different colour as are the shots fired by that cannon and as long as you ensure that the conker remains your colour, it’s good as when it’s your colour, it doesn’t appear to harm you when it hit’s your cannon.

There are also powerups, which you can collect by shooting them. The powerups include a multidirectional shot and one that changes all of your opponent’s next five shots to your colour, which is very useful. You can add additional powerups by spending your points in the shop, where you are able to also upgrade your cannon or buy arena skins.

One thing to be aware of is that the credits cannot be cancelled once started running, so luckily they are short enough.

To sum it all up, the audio is great (though a bit repetitive after a while in the menus), gameplay fast and fairly addictive, but it isn’t too much to look at to be honest.

I give it a and a half.

Rating: out of 5

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