Carcophony Review


Carcophony. I’m trying to be nice here, but unfortunately that is very hard with this one. Personally, I found the game to be a little boring and only played it for a short period of time. Even my 7 year old son would rather have played a different game and he has been loving the indie games.

The object of the game is relatively simple. You must prevent the traffic from getting backed up by working the streetlights. You move your cursor to each separate section where the traffic is waiting and turn the lights either red or green depending on what you want to do. The cars will find their own way home. Almost kind of like the board game “Sorry”.

The graphics on the game are not all that bad if not a little one dimensional. Think one of those mats for the kids room that has the roadways on it. Images of the cars move along the roadway. The car images are like outlines of the cars flattened along the road.

The music is not really much to write home about either. If you play the game, you would probably want to have some of your own going in the background.

Overall, not a game that I would recommend. Sorry but I don’t believe that it is worth the price that is requested of it. Maybe for the younger generation gamers if they haven’t already been tainted by other more exciting games.

Rating: out of 5

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