CastleminerZ 1million copies

CastleMiner Z becomes the first XBLIG to sell over 1 million units
CastleMiner Z by DigitalDNA Games, becomes the first Xbox Live Indie game to sell over 1 Million units, achieving this in only 10 months, making it the best selling Xbox Live Indie game of all time. CastleMiner Z has been the daily best selling game for over 10 months, which is a record for Xbox Live indie games.

CastleMiner Z is voxel/sandbox  zombie survival game, where the player can build and mine in an infinitely large but very hostile world, crafting items from the environment needed to survive including a range of guns and ammunition.

The game is a sequel to the hit game CastleMiner, which had similar success on Xbox Live Indie Games, and was a purely creative online building experience.

Rating: out of 5

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