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  • XenoMiner  

    cost - 80 xbox credits...

  • qrth-phyl  

    cost - 80 xbox credits...

  • Diehard Dungeon  
    Diehard Dungeon

    cost - 80 xbox credits...

  • Castle Miner 2 review  
    Castle Miner 2 review

    cost - 80 xbox credits...

  • Miner Dig Deep review  
    Miner Dig Deep review

    cost - 80 xbox credits...

  • Comet! Review  
    Comet! Review

    Eeeeeeek it’s a comet! In Comet! you pilot a space ship that is responsible for saving the earth from falling comets. The way you do this is by smashing the space ship into the comets to destroy them. The trick? Although the space ship is strong enou.....

  • Z-Software releases a trailer of  
    Z-Software releases a trailer of “Solar Struggle”

    Hey everyone, you've got to do yourselves a favour and check this out. This looks to be a really great game in the making coming to XBLIG from Z-Software. Visit the official site at [video:youtube:8X8PyUbGTjE]...

  • Mind's Eye Of Jupiter - 02 Review  
    Mind’s Eye Of Jupiter – 02 Review

    A worthy sequel to the first in this series of puzzle games. Mind’s Eye Of Jupiter 02 takes over from where the first left off. No longer are you in the Roman ruins, now you are in the dream realm searching for the Dream Master to speak with him. You.....

  • Text Zedventure Review  
    Text Zedventure Review

    Well now. Here’s me calling myself a hypocrite. I’m sure at some point I may have said that I would never like a game that is a text story. Well, apparently I was wrong. Against my better judgement, I found myself really enjoying this “choose your ow.....

  • Quarry Review  
    Quarry Review

    This game is not for miners. Well, actually it is. In Quarry, you are a robot miner in space. You are fighting another robot miner for the most ore before the timer runs out. A relatively simple game that has the potential to grow on you. The contro.....