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  • Modern Pirate Hunter:  Ep 1 Review  
    Modern Pirate Hunter: Ep 1 Review

    Imagine yourself out on the ocean in your speed boat with your lady by your side when … BAM!... you’re attacked by pirate who kidnap your girlfriend and leave you for dead. Luckily, you survive and head back out there in your souped up speedboat to take.....

  • Murky Horizon Review  
    Murky Horizon Review

    Imagine you’re in a world that has been taken over by the most foul beasts ever imagined. Now, sit back and relax because you aren’t there. You’re sitting in front of your tv screen playing Murky Horizons. In this game you are responsible for protecti.....


    Now available on Xbox Live Indie Games is Text Zedventure, a text-only adventure where you must escape a city ravaged by a mysterious infection.Explore a deserted residence, train station and shopping centre in three unique chapters with multiple end.....

  • Abduction Action Review  
    Abduction Action Review

    In 2010, Aliens will invade Earth… and you are one of them!!! Or so the tag-line goes for this little gem from Kris Steele. In the game, you are an alien who’s only desire is to pilot your own ship and prove your worth. Unfortunately, your test scores.....

  • Newton Vs The Horde from  
    Newton Vs The Horde from

    Newton Vs The Horde by is also a finalist in the Microsoft Old Spice Challenge running from April 8th through April 26th on Xbox Live. The game garnering the highest community rating will be awarded the $60,000 grand prize. Newton Vs.....

  • Canno-Blast Review  
    Canno-Blast Review

    Canno-Blast... When I first saw the name I wasn't too sure what to make of it, but then on loading it up I instantly recognised it from a video that I had seen on XboxHornet's Video Vault. Something else that hit me when the game started up was the musi.....

  • Mind’s Eye Of Jupiter – 01 Review  
    Mind’s Eye Of Jupiter – 01 Review

    Cost: 240 MS pointsDeveloper: rogerstA puzzle game along the same lines as Myst, Mind’s Eye Of Jupiter offers a challenge to those who are fans of games that make you think. The plot of the game itself is fairly straight-forward. You are a wo.....

  • Overscan Sniper HD Review  
    Overscan Sniper HD Review

    This is one review that I was trying to fob off onto someone else, but alas I had to end up doing it myself. However, having said that I was pleasantly surprise when I loaded it up.You are faced with a flatscreen on a plain white wall, being viewed.....

  • Herman Review  
    Herman Review

    Having previously looked at the video for Herman prior to it's release and noting what looked like a somewhat humourous story line, I was very much looking forward to the release of Herman, but I'm sad to say I was sorely dissapointed when I first got to.....

  • Dual Zone Press Release  
    Dual Zone Press Release

    Breaking Your MindValencia, Spain - November 24th 2009. "Dual Zone" is the first title from Ninja Fever, a young video games development studio located on the sunny city of Castellón, Spain.This intense and funny game pushes your visual and motio.....