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  • Avatar Karate Review  
    Avatar Karate Review

    Avatar Karate is a fairly straightforward and fun game, so this review is most likely going to be quite short.As the name might suggest, the game is about Avatars doing Karate, but to be honest, Karate is probably the wrong word as from what I recall.....

  • TOKYO 2029 AD  
    TOKYO 2029 AD

    From the creators of Karnn Age comes TOKYO 2029 AD [video:youtube:srF6ksMcSm8] It's a fast paced gory 4 player fighting game that will be on the XBLIG marketplace mid april, and cost 1$ !...

  • Four Player Tangerine Fight Review  
    Four Player Tangerine Fight Review

    Cost: 80 MS PointsDeveloper: Dirge Game StudioLook out, it’s Lode Runner with snowballs. Four Player Tangerine Fight is a multiplayer only game that looks like it was based a little loosely on the Lode Runner style of game. You can play with.....

  • Hieronymus Bash Developer Interview  
    Hieronymus Bash Developer Interview

    I managed to get the opportunity to ask Kindling Games, the creators of Hieronymus Bash a few questions. Here's what they had to say: Q : For anyone who hasn’t played Hieronymus Bash yet, please describe the game. It’s a 1-4 player game of super c.....

  • Hieronymus Bash Pre-release Review  
    Hieronymus Bash Pre-release Review

    This version of Hieronymus Bash has been approved and is now ready for purchase from the Xbox Marketplace. Note this is a Pre-release Review of the version currently in peer review. Hieronymus Bash is a really interesting take on a dodge ball typ.....