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  • Gerbil Physics 2 Released  
    Gerbil Physics 2 Released

    Overview: Our gerbil friends are back, and they are more foolhardy then ever. Help them learn the impact of ropes, slingshots, bombs, disintegrators and machine guns on their slight and furry forms. Venture into heaven, hell, and several places in be.....

  • Murphid Review  
    Murphid Review

    Murphid is a very addictive matching game similar to the Astopop game from the live arcade list. In Murphid, you must match 3 blocks of one colour in order to destroy that group. This is harder than you think. As you continue to play you get access to.....

  • LaserBreaker Review  
    LaserBreaker Review

    LaserBreaker is a new take on the old brick-out style of game. You can break bricks in the game but only with lasers of the same colour. However, the object of the game is to shoot the white dot without breaking any bricks or breaking as few bricks as.....

  • Fumbo Review  
    Fumbo Review

    Fumbo is a fun yet surprisingly difficult puzzle game from PhudgBoy. The object of the game is to take the mis-matched pieces and sort them on the board in such a way that they make a coherent picture. Sounds easy? Try again.The graphics for the g.....

  • Gerbil Physics 2 coming soon  
    Gerbil Physics 2 coming soon

    Soon, Gerbil Pysics 2 will be upon us. This sequel to the original Gerbil Physics includes the following features:-40 Levels! (66% more than Gerbil Physics 1!)-New Slingshot, and unlockable Machine Gun!-Player controlled wrecking balls and elevato.....

  • Avatar Hunter Review  
    Avatar Hunter Review

    Cost: 80 MS PointsDeveloper: MageStick XThe evil Teddy has kidnapped the avatar twins from the xbox universe and it’s up to you to save them. This little gem plays like the memory games we used to play as kids. You know, with a deck of cards?.....

  • Live Avatar QuizCall and Spiders!  Why Spiders? gameplay by Master Blud  
    Live Avatar QuizCall and Spiders! Why Spiders? gameplay by Master Blud

    Join Master Blud tonight at 8pm EST as he plays Avatar QuizCall and Spiders! Why Spiders? Live. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/vvg-vintage-video-games...

  • Kollectiv 360 Review  
    Kollectiv 360 Review

    My hopes were high for this one – in general, I love puzzle games, and have bought many on Xbox Live Arcade / Indie Games over the years. Loading this up you’re presented with a nice clean opening screen and menu, and within the Help section there is.....

  • Word Duelist Review  
    Word Duelist Review

    Cost: 80 MS PointsDeveloper: SowazWord Duelist is an excellent game for young and old alike. If you are in school and looking to learn how to spell or just wanting to bone up on your words, this is definitely the game to have. The premise of.....

  • A Dreamland Chronicles Game Review  
    A Dreamland Chronicles Game Review

    Cost: 240 MS PointsDeveloper: VoodooChiefA Dreamland Chronicles Game is a unique take on the trivia genre. There is no real gameplay involved in this app so unfortunately the review will not be all that large. The app itself is based on a com.....