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  • See the Light Review  
    See the Light Review

    See the light is a puzzler that contains 64 levels where you have to guide the light to it's goal using various tools, such as mirrors, lenses, energizers, absorbers among others.The graphic presentation is simple, but effective and I found the music.....

  • PerlMania Review  
    PerlMania Review

    PerlMania is a really interesting, addictive and can be a frustrating puzzler! The object is simple - to get to the exit, but the how is what can sting you...Think of pinball, now throw in some rubber balls (pearls) with faces... Ok, with me so far?.....

  • Sidehill Gouger Review  
    Sidehill Gouger Review

    This game is dedicated in Loving Memory of "Grampy" Everett Culberson by his family and involves a young boy called Andrew who's imagination is filled with various weird and wonderful mythical creatures based on his Grampy's stories, who donns his favour.....

  • Balloon Blocks Review  
    Balloon Blocks Review

    Balloon Blocks is a match 3 soft body physics game. The whole idea is genius and original, but actually trying to get a decent score is a bit of a problem.The basic object of the game is to navigate your ballon blocks, which are made up of two, thre.....

  • Globe Clicker Review  
    Globe Clicker Review

    Globe clicker is one for you geography buffs. It basiclly involves finding various locations in the world, such as cities and World Heritage sites.The game comes with a great 3D representation of the globe either during the day or the night.What.....

  • Holiday Trivia Review  
    Holiday Trivia Review

    Holiday Trivia is exact as the name suggests, trivia about the holidays. The game makes use of your player avatars on a simple, but effective cartoony snowy mountains and fir tree style background....

  • Junkyard Battle Review  
    Junkyard Battle Review

    Junkyard Battle!!! Sounds a bit strange doesn't it? Well it is all rather straight forward - you control a crane and have to build a tower with junk i.e. old fridge-freezers, steps, boulders, pipes, wood etc - many of the shapes remind me of Tetris, bu.....

  • Carcophony Review  
    Carcophony Review

    Cost: 400 MS PointsDeveloper: glpeasCarcophony. I’m trying to be nice here, but unfortunately that is very hard with this one. Personally, I found the game to be a little boring and only played it for a short period of time. Even my 7 year o.....

  • Dark Review  
    Dark Review

    Now here is an interesting game... I'm not entirely sure on how to describe it......

  • Lights Off  
    Lights Off

    Lights Off is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice . The rules behind Lights Off are fairly straight forward; you are presented with a grid with squares that have a light which is either on or o.....