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  • Ranger - New to Xbox Live Indie Games  
    Ranger – New to Xbox Live Indie Games

    Silver Dollar Games is proud to announce that Ranger for Xbox Live Indie Games was released on Saturday May 15th. It sells for 80 Microsoft points ($1). Take control of the deadliest ranger the elven race has ever known. Use magic arrows and summon d.....

  • Kapture Review  
    Kapture Review

    Kapture is a war game brought to you by CandelaCreations. In the game, you enroll to fight for the nation against those that have been plaguing it (terrorists for need of a better term). You will fly a jet, fight on the ground and even have car chases......

  • Block Killer Review  
    Block Killer Review

    A simple game with a lot of potential. Block Killer is simply what its name implies. There are over 30 unique levels of blocks to kill. Can you get a perfect score on all? Different coloured blocks require different techniques to take them out as wel.....

  • Olu Review  
    Olu Review

    Olu is a rail shooter based on the game Rez. In the game you must travel the networks and track down the beings to take them out. Ultimately, I am at a loss as to how to describe this game. The graphics are alright. It is a 3D environment similar.....

  • Pew Pew Pod Review  
    Pew Pew Pod Review

    Cost: 80 MS PointsDeveloper: Bad Egg StudiosBad Egg Studios may have themselves a winner with this game. Pew Pew Pod is a great top-down space shooter. One of the best I’ve seen in a while. With a choice of 4 different weapons and up to 4 pl.....

  • Inevitable Outcome Review  
    Inevitable Outcome Review

    Getting tired of those dual stick zombie shooters? If so, Inevitable Outcome could be the game for you - it's everything that you could want from a dual stick zombie shooter, but instead of facing off against zombies, you have to pit your skills against.....

  • Impossible Shoota Review  
    Impossible Shoota Review

    Impossible Shoota comes to you from the creators of Neo Terra and Gum Drop Celestial Frontier.Impossible Shoota is a top down dual stick space shooter, in which you have to take on what appears to be an endless stream of differing types and strengths.....

  • Pellmell Review  
    Pellmell Review

    Cost: 240 MS PointsDeveloper: VoodooChiefPellmell is a good little top-down scroller for those who are fond of shooting games. In the game, you are Pellmell and must run down the training corridors to earn points, awards and make it to the nex.....

  • Armor Valley Review  
    Armor Valley Review

    Armor Valley comes to you from aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and offers either one or two players a chance to control a state of the art hovercopter on the battle field.The premise is very straight forwards as it is with most shooters, shoot and win! However, A.....

  • Missing Reel Review  
    Missing Reel Review

    Missing Reel is a top down dual stick shooter, which pits four heros up against waves of attacking aliens. What makes this dual stick shooter stand out is that it has a B grade movie theme to it.Th premise of the game is straight forward enough as y.....