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  • Armor Valley Review  
    Armor Valley Review

    Armor Valley comes to you from aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and offers either one or two players a chance to control a state of the art hovercopter on the battle field.The premise is very straight forwards as it is with most shooters, shoot and win! However, A.....

  • Missing Reel Review  
    Missing Reel Review

    Missing Reel is a top down dual stick shooter, which pits four heros up against waves of attacking aliens. What makes this dual stick shooter stand out is that it has a B grade movie theme to it.Th premise of the game is straight forward enough as y.....

  • You will Die Review  
    You will Die Review

    You will Die... Well, let me tell you I did and often! You will Die is a space based dual stick shooter which pits you against a lone ever increasing in size enemy ship - this may sound a bit confusing, but allow me to explain:On the first level, the.....

  • Cyborg Mice Arena 1.5 coming soon  
    Cyborg Mice Arena 1.5 coming soon


  • Abaddon Review  
    Abaddon Review

    If I was to explain Abaddon in a word, it would be "WOW!". Of all the Xbox Live Indie Games I have played, this has to be one of the best. Though they are quite different, Abaddon does for some reason remind me of the Solar Winds games of the 90's......

  • Square Off Review  
    Square Off Review

    Cost: 240 MS PointsDeveloper: RoondaSquare Off is a beautiful game about protecting your planet against invasion by… gasp… ALIENS. The story is about aliens that try to invade your planet. Luckily, a mad scientist has figured a way to clone y.....

  • Duel:  The Art of Combat Review  
    Duel: The Art of Combat Review

    Developer: AwesomeGamesStudioCost: 240 MS PointsWorms… I mean Duel: The Art of Combat is a pretty cool game based, I believe, on the game Worms. In this game, you are a worm (or snake, I can’t really tell) who is fighting with others of you k.....

  • Platypus Launch Press Release  
    Platypus Launch Press Release

    Escapist Games Limited today announced that Platypus, their “definitive version of the much-loved PC game” has just been launched on the Xbox 360 Indie games platform. Originally developed by New-Zealander Anthony Flack, Platypus combines an addictive.....

  • Tank-tastic Review  
    Tank-tastic Review

    Cost: 240 MS PointsDeveloper: OuchGamesTank-tastic reminds me of a game my brother and I played as kids involving a notepad, pencil and ruler. It is surprisingly fun for a game that whose background is only a notepad. In the game, you are.....

  • Gamerbots:  Third-Robot Shooting Review  
    Gamerbots: Third-Robot Shooting Review

    Cost: 400 MS PointsDeveloper: Hotwave GamesGamerbots – sounds like a decent game, doesn’t it? Well, actually it is. Frustrating as hell, but a great game.The object of the game, so far, is to defeat the boss. You are a robot that travels.....