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  • Galax-e-mail  

    Galax-e-mail is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice .In Galax-e-mail, emails are delivered by utilizing wormholes in far away galaxies, where star fighters battle aliens to safely deliver emai.....

  • VirusWar  

    VirusWar is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice . VirusWar - here's one for those of you who love a good shooter, where everything is coming in at you from all angles! The game requires you to.....

  • Karnn Age  
    Karnn Age

    I received an email today from Louis Lavallée the developer of Karnn Age, bringing my attention to the fact that the game had passed peer review, so it's about time I gave it a review. My first experience of Karnn Age brought memories flooding bac.....

  • Karnn Age Developer Interview  
    Karnn Age Developer Interview

    I managed to catch up with Louis Lavallée, the creator of Karnn Age to ask a few questions, here's what he had to say: Q : For the benefit of anyone who hasn’t played Karnn Age, please describe the game. Karnn age is a top down shooter in the style.....

  • MothBallz  

    MothBallz is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice . Now, this single player game is really interesting! It involves a poorly decorated room, a 44 gallon drum, a ball and one or more moths and l.....

  • BLASTER AND MORIONブラスターアンドモリオン  
    BLASTER AND MORIONブラスターアンドモリオン

    cost - 80 xbox credits...

  • Retrovaders  

    cost - 80 xbox credits...

  • Jet Pack War  
    Jet Pack War

    cost - 80 xbox credits...

  • Spatial Rift  
    Spatial Rift

    cost - 80 xbox credits...

  • Avatar Squadron  
    Avatar Squadron

    cost - 80 xbox credits...