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  • 21Ball Snooker  
    21Ball Snooker

    cost - 80 xbox credits...

  • 2012 Althletics Tournament  
    2012 Althletics Tournament

    cost - 80 xbox credits...

  • balls  

    cost - 80 xbox credits...

  • 8Ball Champion  
    8Ball Champion

    cost - 80 xbox credits...

  • Avatar Pinball Review  
    Avatar Pinball Review

    Aaah, the wonderful days of yesteryear when pinball was all the rage. Well, it can be again with the help of a wonderful new game called Avatar Pinball. This game can not only bring you the classic joys of pinball but takes it to a whole new level by m.....

  • The American Hot Dog Race Review  
    The American Hot Dog Race Review

    Buuuuuurp!!! The American Hot Dog Race deals with a traditional staple of the July 4th holiday. Hot dog eating contests. In this game you, as your avatar, must defeat either the computer or other players in a hot dog eating contest. Eat the hot dogs.....

  • AvatarFever Capture the Spice Review  
    AvatarFever Capture the Spice Review

    AvatarFever is a top down capture the flag type game. The only difference is instead of a flag you have a can of Old Spice ® that you are trying to capture. You have a choice of 4 different areas to play on with 2-4 players either locally, by system li.....

  • AvatarFever: Capture the Spice release on XBLIG  
    AvatarFever: Capture the Spice release on XBLIG

    "AvatarFever: Capture the Spice" is the second title from Ninja Fever, a young video games development studio.The game features avatars, funny and competitive "capture the flag" gameplay, global highscores and multiplayer on-line matches for up to 4.....

  • Ace Gals Tennis Review  
    Ace Gals Tennis Review

    Unless I'm mistaken, Ace Gals Tennis is the first tennis game to hit XBLIG and is added to one of the more under represented genres of sports. Now I've never been much of a fan of tennis - I always have a good moan at Wimbledon time as there seems to be.....

  • SFG Soccer Review  
    SFG Soccer Review

    SFG Soccer, comes to you from StirFry Games and is exactly as the names suggests a game about soccer. However, what StirFry has done is in my opinion cut out some of the unnecessary difficulties with the likes of Fifa and Pro-Evo and created a simple ea.....