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  • Colosseum: Hammerball Review  
    Colosseum: Hammerball Review

    Haing played the original Colosseum during peer review and having thoroughly enjoyed it, even though if I am honest, I did fail it for a very minor, but failable bug. I was really excited to find the email from Shortfuse Games asking for a review. Natu.....

  • Powa Volley Review  
    Powa Volley Review

    Honestly, I downloaded this game and my first thought was “why is it taking so long?” At 65 megs, this is one of the larger of the list of indie games and it shows it. I really didn’t want to.....

  • Fitba  

    Fitba is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice .Well, football (soccer) is certainly my least favourite sport, but I'll try to remain as impartial as possible for this review!Fitba is a foot.....

  • Carrum  

    Carrum has now been released onto the Xbox Marketplace and is available for purchase at a cost of 400 "Currum? WTF is that?" you well may say. Well, the developer DrMistry describes it as "The Grandfather of Pool". Brilliant description if yo.....