Chris Unarmed Review

Chris Unarmed

Chris Unarmed – if you think that this game may be too easy and not worth your time, think again. This game is definitely harder than it looks and will provide you with hours of game time in this game similar to the Mario franchise.

You are Chris. You have no arms, so what do you do? You jump!!! That’s it. You jump over gaps, you jump over creatures, you jump around hazards, and when you get good enough you may just make it to the end of the game. You get no weapons of any kind and can’t jump on top of the creatures to kill them. As a matter of fact, the character is pretty much just a head with feet. The object of the game is to collect coins and keys and get to the end of the level without dying. A feat that is more difficult than you would think. Luckily, the developer has given you unlimited lives and saves for the game. You will need them.

The graphics in the game are very good. The levels are easy enough to figure out but still difficult that some will pose a good challenge for you. The background screens on some of the levels are very good. You will have no problems figuring out the hazards in the game so you know what to avoid.

The sound, as well, is very good. The background music sets the tone nicely for the adventure. The other sounds involved with the game are very crisp and clear. Of course, no explosions but doors opening and closing and collecting coins, etc.

Overall, this is surprisingly a very good game to play. Well worth the 240 MS Points it’s selling for. I highly recommend it for your system. As I said earlier, no shooting or blowing things up but still a very good game to play. I will rate this one at 5 thumbs up.

Rating: out of 5

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