Christmas Tree 3D Review

Christmas Tree 3D

For those who can’t be bothered to drag their butts of the couch to decorate the Christmas tree, it’s your lucky day, because now you have Christmas Tree 3D, where you can sit in the comfort of your own Xbox zone and decorate the tree whilst listening to a selection of eight Christmassy tunes and all you need to do is use the Xbox controller.

Christmas Tree 3D places a lone tree in the middle of what appears to be a snowy park and it’s up to you to give it it’s Christmas look and feel.

I found the snow to be really cool, yes I know probably sounds a bit sad, but I do come from a country where it snows once every…. never! Anyways if you look closely enough at the snowflakes you will see that they are in fact in detail and not just white bits floating down.

Back to the tree…. Amongst your tree decorations, you have the choice of various shapes, including diamond, tear, star and ball of which can be in one of nine different colours. In the lights department there are three different light types, normal, blinking and flipflop.

There’s also a auto camera mode, which rotates the camera slowly around the tree whilst still allowing you to decorate it. The 3D presentation is fairly well done, but at certain camera angles, you can notice what looks like the seams where the 3D is merged into the 2D background.

Though Christmas Tree 3D doesn’t qualify as a game it is very much in the spirit of Christmas. I give it a

Rating: out of 5

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