City Tuesday

In City Tuesday you play a man who is stuck reliving the same five minutes before a terrorist attack. You must learn from the city’s residents and the environment where the bombs are stashed and diffuse them before time is up.

Our View:
This is a strange game, which is a good thing.

We couldn’t do this game justice in just a few paragraphs, but here’s a go.

As with all games, we just get stuck in. Don’t bother with the instructions, just start.

At first, the game seems as if there is nothing to do, but it quickly becomes apparent that you need to talk to the other characters and work out what you need to know and also what you don’t need to know. This is a nice touch and we really started to enjoy the game.

Graphics? well minimalist, but that’s fine with us. There are very few colours used, but you can tell that that the developers spent a lot of time on design in the same way a web developer spends time to make things look simple.

For the money, you’ll gt a good run out of this game and we can see why it has been pinned as a game worth spending money on.

We’ve got no issues with this game and are happy to give it a definite thumbs up. Will it be a big hit? Possibly not as lots of people will probably skip by it on graphics alone. This is a shame as games like this deserve to be hits and pay back the developers time.

Released: 18/09/2012
Rating: 4 out of 5
Developer: Chris Zukowski

Download Link: