Comet! Review


Eeeeeeek it’s a comet! In Comet! you pilot a space ship that is responsible for saving the earth from falling comets. The way you do this is by smashing the space ship into the comets to destroy them. The trick? Although the space ship is strong enough to withstand the impact of a falling comet, it can be destroyed by the interplanetary defences, a satellite or by hitting the ground. Go figure. The comets are colour coded so you need to press the A, B, X or Y buttons to make the space ship go after them.

The graphics in this game are well done. The space ship moves well and freely around the screen. The comets are balls of coloured light as they fall to the earth and the explosions as they are destroyed look a little like fireworks.

The sound is good as well. Some nice explosions and voice overs when you get multiple colours. Even though I believe that the music does not suit this game, the music is good as well.

This is definitely a game that takes a lot of practice and skill to keep the ship afloat as in order to get the best multiplier for your score, you need to watch the colour scheme that comes up to see what you need to get next to build up your points. At first I thought this would be a game like missile command or asteroids but I was wrong. This is a good game to get and the price is definitely right for it. 4 thumbs up from me.


Rating: out of 5

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