Concept Car Series 2010 Review

Concept Car Series 2010

Concept Car Series 2010 is a new racing game in the Indie list. The controls are relatively standard for a racing game as far as steering, gas and brake goes. You have a choice of 12 cars, 8 tracks and 3 performance levels to play. Your progress is saved within the game as you play and high scores can be displayed online. The gameplay itself is very easy (that I’ve found so far).

The graphics are very good for this game. The developer did a great job on the detail for the background and the cars although I wouldn’t have minded seeing some damage done as the driving progressed. You have different views to choose from while driving. A far view of the car, close up view and first person view.

The sound on the game was alright. You could turn the music or the effects up or down as you saw fit while playing. One problem that I did have with the sound was with the cars themselves. You have a choice from 12 cars but they all sound the same. You’d figure each car would have even a slightly different sound from the other.

There were a couple of things that I would think would improve on the game. One would be to have an online multiplayer function. I’m sure that it just can’t be considered a racing game unless you have the opportunity to race against several other people. Another improvement to the game would have been for each car to have different stats. It seemed that for all the cars you have to choose from there seems to be a blanket set of stats for them so it wouldn’t matter which you drove.

Overall, I do believe that this is a good racing game if not a little easy. I recommend it for racing fans everywhere as I’m sure you will enjoy it and at only 240 MS Points, it is a real deal.


Rating: out of 5

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