So you are a developer?

Well, welcome to our developer section.

Firstly, we don’t mind if you are a one man operation working part-time on your XBOX Live Indie Game.  We don’t mind if you are part of a large development team and have published many games under your team name.

Our goal is to get coverage for games being released on the Indie Games platform.

We will give you coverage in our games reviews section and include video footage where we can.  We also have a news section where we can highlight events and forthcoming releases.

All of the coverage is our own work and while we can’t guarantee to give your game a good review, we will always try to be constructive.  We don’t see the need to be massively negative about games, but we do need to be honest.

If your game is finished then great!! Give us the link and we’ll take a look.  If you can send us a token, then all the better – this will really help.

If you have screen shots and a small press release then please let us have that too.

Is your game in beta or at an early stage?  No problem, send us what you can and we’ll try to provide exposure via our news section.  We might be able to help you get a buzz going before the game gets released.

We believe that the XBOX Live Indie Games marketplace is to be treasured.  We don’t think that it is a dying art.

A good game can make money and we also have development resources at our disposal to help you get the game on to the XBLIG marketplace as well as helping with other platforms.  We’ll let you know if we think we can help you with that after seeing your game.

We look forward to hearing from you, we really do.

So, in the first instance - contact us using the form below.