Drop Zone Review

drop zone

Drop Zone is a simple straight forward game, which involves you (the gun), enemy transports (helicopters) and the enemy troops (paratroopers) and that’s it…..

The helicopters drop the paratroopers and your task is to shoot them down before they reach the ground and once on the ground you are unable to shoot them. Once each troop has landed they will place an explosive on your gun and you will lose one of your lives for the trouble.

Additionally the controls are straight forward, left stick to aim your gun and right trigger to fire and that’s just about it, except for the A button, which once fully charged allows you a short burst of rapid fire, which additionally allows you to fire on the paratroopers already on the ground. My advice is save this for when you are in a bind.

That is it really, there isn’t much more to tell – Drop Zone comes with a simple, but fitting presentation.

I had been looking forward to giving Drop Zone a go for some time, but sadly felt a little let down as it had not turned out to be as good as I was expecting, but having said that, it is still a pretty good game that definitely has that pick up and go value, but just really isn’t my sort of thing.

Rating: out of 5

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