Duel: The Art of Combat Review

Duel: The Art of Combat

Worms… I mean Duel: The Art of Combat is a pretty cool game based, I believe, on the game Worms. In this game, you are a worm (or snake, I can’t really tell) who is fighting with others of you kind. You have some nice weapons to deal out the damage with including a shotgun, grenade launcher or flame thrower. The basic gist of the game is to kill all of your opponents before they get you. The difference between this game and Worms is that you are allowed to move freely instead of operating on a turn based system. The controls are fairly easy to use and are taught to you in the tutorial.

The graphics on this game are very good with the explosions being the best. You can see what your critter looks like easily enough. You also have a map in the upper portion of the screen where you can see not only yourself but where your enemies are. You can easily move or zip-line to where you need to go within the mapped area.

The sound also is very good. The difference in sounds for whichever weapon you are using is very distinct. Could have probably used a scream when the worms died though. :)

Now, this being said there are a couple of things that I think would make this game even better. There are only 4 maps to play on that I noticed. Not sure if more could be unlocked but I think more maps would be a great addition. The multiplayer is great but gets boring very quickly with only a two player option. Personally, I think this game would be awesome with some online multiplayer action going. Maybe the developer could look into adding that for future games.

Overall, this is a very decent game well worth the 240 MS Point cost. I highly recommend it to anyone who is into this type of game.

Rating: out of 5

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