Duologue Review


After a hard week in the trenches of hell (work), I managed to drag myself out of bed at 0600 on a Saturday morning to start my review of Duologue and to be honest, I’m really glad that I did.

Duologue is a dual stick shooter, which pits you and your tank against strange looking aliens on the planet Ur, where you have to beat the oppressive regime of Moloch. Duologue contains over 60 levels and three different modes, which allow up to four local players to take part.

The creators of Duologue, Funavision have added a slightly different twist in that you are able to shoot two different colours and each colour can only destroy an alien of the opposite colour (these colours change throughout the game) i.e. you must use blue shots to kill orange aliens and orange shots to kill blue aliens. The bosses tended to need a combination of both colour shots to be defeated.

After eventually reaching past 50% of the way through the campaign mode, I decided to call it quits for the morning and found that I had been playing for well over an hour!

The different game modes are:
Campaign – normal.
Infinite – try to beat the campaign with the least lives lost.
Survival – survive against an endless enemy assault.

Each of these game modes are playable by up to four local players, provided that you have that many friends, which I don’t so couldn’t really give it a go :)

Duologue also contains medals, much like what other XBLIG’s might call awards or awardments, which you are granted for reaching certain milestones or targets within the game. There are ten in total, of which I had only managed to get three!

So, bottom line – I would put Duologue right up there with the some of the top XBLIG’s and for $3 it’s a steal.

Rating: out of 5

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