Easter Bunneh

Easter Bunneh is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice,

Easter Bunneh

Easter Bunneh is basically a Easter Egg decorating tool without the real eggs and is very much aimed at a family audience as the genre may or may not suggest.

Easter Bunneh allows you to choose from various colours to paint your egg and includes a selection of stickers to place on your egg as well as a freehand paint tool to allow you to try a bit of your own artistic talent out.

There is additionally a selection of tools with which to break your egg, including a mallet, flamethrower, chainsaw and some futuristic looking weapon.

The graphics and music have been well done and fit really well, however I’m very much more for the good old ways for something like this, particularly when any egg you create won’t be much use in an Easter Egg Hunt, even if you are able to show it off to your friends around the world.

Having said all that though, this game is clearly aimed more at kids, so they may have a completely different take on it to me, but I’d rather my kids were taking part in a non console version of the Easter tradition!

Rating: out of 5

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