Epiphany in Spaaace! Review

Epiphany in Spaaace!

When I first heard of this game, my first thought was “A text game? On Xbox? Who’d want to play that?” Then I saw this game.

Now, this will be a relatively short review because there’s not too much I can say about a game like this. There are no graphics unless you count the main screen (which I usually don’t). The music has a low timbre so as not to interfere with reading the story.

Upon hearing about this game, I had first thought that it would be more along the lines of Zork or Spellcaster if any of the readers can remember any of those text based games from the early 80’s. When I download the game, I found it was more like some of the “Choose your own adventure” style of books that were out. You start out as a student at a school and as you read, you have the option of deciding what actions you do. Your decisions have an impact on what happens to you in the story.

Now, the unfortunate thing about this type of game is that in this world of bang up, smash em up type video games a game like this probably won’t do very well as far as sales go. However, I believe that if there are any readers out there who have children this is a perfect choice. Kids want to play video games, you want them to learn how to read. This is the perfect blend. Get this game for the kiddies. They can read the story and make their own decisions on how the story proceeds.

Rating: out of 5

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