Face-Plant Adventures

As an entry in Microsoft’s Dream Build Play 2012 Challenge, Face-Plant Adventures has been chosen to be among the top 20 finalists of the contest! To celebrate this and the upcoming release of the game next month, indie developer oddworm games has released a new trailer showcasing some of the key features, focusing on the frantic jump and run platforming action players will soon be able to experience on their Xbox 360.

Face-Plant Adventures is a classic platformer featuring hand drawn 2D graphics, an original soundtrack, an adventure mode with 11 action packed levels to explore, unlockable medals and awards, switch puzzles, three difficulty settings and online rankings.

Florence Face-Plant, inhabitant of Plantylon, is the star of the game, an ordinary, carnivorous plant who enjoys mundane hobbies such as clock collecting, swimming, wall jumping, rail sliding, gliding and dying over and over again. Just like you and me.

Face-Plant Adventures will be released on Xbox LIVE Indie Games in early September for 80 Microsoft Points.

Released: TBC - September
Rating: TBC out of 5
Developer: Oddworm Games

Download Link: