Firecracker HD

Firecracker HD

Happy New Year!!!! Pop… pop… bang. Firecracker HD would be a great add on for this time of year if it had a few additions to the application. In the program, you have the use of three buttons A is for a small bang, B for a medium bang and Y for a large explosion. But the fact that you actually have to press the buttons for each one kind of detracts from the idea of having the fireworks up. I would like to set it and forget it, not control it.

The graphics on the game, however, are spectacular. The developer obviously put some work into this so you wouldn’t have to. Using a video camera they recorded several different bangs and explosions and programmed the different videos into the application itself.

Again, the sound too is fantastic. With the sound turned up loud on your sound system it really is spectacular. No music, just bangs.


Unfortunately, this is all I really have to say about the game itself. If it wasn’t for the graphics and the sound themselves (and the fact that my 14 month old loves to watch it) I probably would have given it a lower score. For future reference, maybe look into adding a screensaver function as well. I’m not too sure how well New Year’s party-goers would be at pressing those buttons when they see 10 of them.

Rating: out of 5

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