Fishing Girl Review

fishing girl

Waking up early on a Sunday morning is something that I don’t seem to be able to get away from, and my first task always seems to be to go turn on my laptop, check my email and catch up on all the tweets that I missed whilst I was asleep.

Well, this morning I found an email from the developer of Fishing Girl (which has just recently been released on XBLIG), containing one of those nice looking 25 character tokens for me to do a review of the game. So off I set to start trying out the game and get to work on my review. Next thing you know, it was an hour later! This game is addictive!!!

The gist of it is you are a Fishing Girl (obviously) and you have ultimately to hook the opposite shore and reel it in to rescue the boy on the opposite shore, oh and catching fish. The game all started with Danc’s Prototyping Challenge and is one of the many versions of Fishing Girl that are available.

Sounds a bit strange right? Well, let me tell you Fishing Girl is a brilliant game, which though the graphics are basic they just fit so right. You start off on the left shore of a body of water with a simple rod/pole and lure and have to catch fish to earn money and the buy better equipment, which is done by casting and having your lure hit the buoy, which opens up the shop to buy your new equipment. Better lures (six in total) means bigger fish can be caught and better rods/poles (four in total) means you can cast further.

The fishing itself is kept nice and simple, with you casting out (using the A button) and the lure slowing sinks down into the body of water, with the camera following and you are able to see all the fish that are swimming beneath. Once a fish takes the lure (assuming that the fish is not too big, as you will lose your lure), you reel in the fish with the A button and are awarded an amount based on the rarity of the fish. Lures are changed using the B button and you use the left thumbstick to choose your purchase in the shop. Very easy controls kept simple. The only time it gets a little different is when you catch a large fish and you have to tap the A button rather than hold it.

Fishing Girl comes with 12 Badges, which are awarded when you complete certain tasks, such as rescuing the boy or achieving a particular distance cast with a particular rod/pole. This is where I found the addiction as on my first attempt, even though I managed to rescue the boy in around 4 minutes, I wanted to try and get all the badges and just kept on going and most likely will continue to do so until I have them all.

With the smaller lures, you are unable to catch the bigger fish, but you are able to catch a small fish and without reeling that in, a medium fish could take that as bait and then the same can happen again when a large fish takes the medium fish as bait and this gives you the “Chain Gang” badge.

In summation, Fishing Girl is a great little game and at its price at the time of writing is an absolutely steal. Do yourself a favour and at least give the trial version a go – I’d be surprised if you are disappointed.

Rating: out of 5

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