Well, football (soccer) is certainly my least favourite sport, but I’ll try to remain as impartial as possible for this review!

Fitba is a football game that very much reminds me of SWOS (Sensible World of Soccer), except that the game is played horizontally instead of vertically, oh and the players have no arms and no legs, or as Fritz the developer of Fitba puts it – Nae Arms, Nae Legs, Nae Worries!

From your first look at Fitba, you can tell that a fair amount of time has gone into this game, except of course when it comes to the players arms and legs of course :) Jokes aside, Fitba has been very well put together and has much simpler controls than the big developer football games out there. Whilst it doesn’t seem to give you all the available fancy footwork opportunities of the likes of FIFA 09, it keeps things fairly simple, which to me means more enjoyable.

However, unlike any other footie game that I have seen, Fitba uses a dual stick control – LS for player movement and RS for kick direction, which I found to be quite easy to get the hang of.

The game can also be played either locally by one to four players or via system link or over Xbox Live.

To sum it all up, for those of you who like football, you’ll probably love Fitba, it’s a great arcade style football game, but for me no thanks!

Rating: out of 5

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